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    Anti-bark device for dogs | WoofZen™

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    A safe, stress-free solution to excessive barking!

    Say goodbye to excessive barking! Our device uses harmless ultrasound to gently train your dog. It's activated only when he barks, and switches off when he's silent, teaching your companion to react in a measured way to his environment. And don't worry, it's harmless for your furball!

    Learning to stop barking respectfully

    Painless: Our cruelty-free ultrasonic device regulates barking without stress or pain for your dog.

    Discretion: No physical contact necessary, for optimum comfort for your Loulou.

    Performance: Effective against persistent barking, it's designed to work on several dogs at once.

    Economical: More economical than professional training or electric collars, WoofZen is the solution within reach.

    Health benefits compared with other methods

    The electric collar delivers a shock to stop your dog barking. This causes stress, irritates the skin and creates pain and anxiety.

    This method has a very negative impact on your pet's well-being.

    As for our WoofZen™ device :

    Less stress
    Less anxiety
    - Lower heart rate

    How does WoofZen™ work?

    When a dog barks within 15 metres of the box, it picks up the frequency of the bark and emits a high-pitched ultrasound that is perceived by the dog.

    The dog is surprised by the high-pitched sound and will stop barking because it will associate its barking with this unpleasant sound.

    The device is only active for as long as your dog is barking, then switches off immediately.

    Use WoofZen™ in several rooms in your home and all around for maximum effectiveness! Barking signals and detection become less powerful through walls and doors.


    Yes, the PuppyLove collar works without any problem whatever the length of the hair, short hair or long hair.

    Yes the collar is suitable for dogs from 2 to 75kg thanks to its adjustable strap.

    Yes, because even if the dog does not hear the ultrasound well, the vibrations will be effective.

    Absolutely not, there is no pressure on the vocal cords, the PuppyLove collar is painless.

    No, our collar is designed to be triggered only by the dog who wears it barks thanks to the microphone with adjustable sensitivity.


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