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    Our Story

    This is how Omayli was born.

    Sophie and Thomas, who shared the same passion for pets. They both had dogs and were always looking for ways to make them happier and more comfortable.

    One day, while bathing their dogs, they realized that there were no dog robes on the market that were both practical and stylish. The robes they found were either too light and didn't do a good job of drying their dogs, or too bulky and unattractive.

    Sophie and Thomas then decided to create their own brand of dog robes. They began researching the best materials to make robes that were both absorbent and comfortable for dogs.

    They also spent a lot of time selecting designs that were both practical and stylish, so that dog owners could be proud to show them off to their friends and family. Over time, their brand of dog robes has become very popular.

    Dog owners from all over the country started buying their products because they knew it was the best way to dry their dogs after a bath and still look fashionable. Sophie and Thomas were thrilled to see how much their idea had grown and how many pets' lives they had improved.

    They continued to innovate and improve their product line, always with the goal of making pets' lives even better. And their brand has become world famous for the quality of their products and their love for animals.

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